• Taoism teaches us to live a harmonious life by being in balance, never reaching for extremes or being crushed by matters beyond our control.

  • Despite living an absurd and alienated existence, we have the freedom to be the creators of our own lives and the responsibility of giving life its meaning.

  • Nihilism is the uneasiness you get upon realizing that God is just a social construct and life is actually valueless. But don't fret: you can overcome it.

  • Buddhism promotes a path of moderation and introspection, which is extremely relevant to the world’s biggest problem of global warming.


Unleashed exhibition reception on May 4th, from 6 to 8pm on 601 West 26th Street in NYC.


Coming Soon:

Pupil’s Elbow Patches - $5
Savant ‘s Mustache - $10
Professor’s Bowtie - $15
Polymath’s Combo (all 3) - $25

Intellectual’s Pipe - $40
Scholar’s Spectacles - $55
Sage’s Combo (all 5) - $100


Ism is a series of short motion graphic videos that introduce academic ideas like nihilism, taoism, existentialism and buddhism in an exciting and accessible manner. By holding to a strict time limit of thirty seconds, each Ism video condenses an entire ideology into its purest form and filters out the inessentials.

Philosophy encourages people to partake in critical thinking and question the hows and whys of their daily lives. By encouraging people to be receptive to new ideas and challenge their preconceived notions of life, Ism hopes to help educate and spark a more enlightened culture.

Ism is currently looking for a compatible television network to show these thirty second films. Television networks with an educational, cultural or youth-oriented focus would be ideal.

Ism is currently considering the next topics for films. Possible future subjects include Darwinism, Marxism, Stoicism, Skepticism and Feminism. Any recommendations?

For all inquiries and suggestions, contact ism@jackielay.com.